What’s the difference between a wedding and an elopement?

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What is the difference between a wedding and an elopement?

A wedding is a public event where you marry your person and your community comes out to celebrate. An elopement is a personal and intimate moment where you marry your person possibly with a few witnesses.

A wedding is for all your people

As much as it might come at great expense, and even arise some socially awkward moments, there’s a societal expectation on what your wedding looks like and who is invited. I encaourge you to depart from that as much as you can, but when you say the word wedding, you’re saying that all your people are coming to celebrate you.

Eloping is a departure from normal

Eloping has it’s origin in the naughtier side of marriage, where two people whose relationship might not have received the blessing of the community would elope, they would run away, and marry. There’s an emphasis on the intimate and persona nature of the union and you’re not hosting guests at an event.

Do you need a wedding?

Hosting a wedding isn’t a bad thing,  particularily if your idea of a good time is getting all of your favourite humans in the same room with food, drinks, and a band. If a wedding is for you, then plan the wedding of your dreams.

Do you need an elopement?

If the idea of getting all of your community, all of your favourite people, in the same room gives you hives, then you should consider an intimate elopement and let everyone know you got married on social media.