Marriage Monday: The Gospel of 'Hey Jude'

Marriage Monday: The Gospel of 'Hey Jude'

When The Beatles recorded the song Hey Jude, Paul McCartney hit a bung note and dropped an F-bomb mid-recording and you can still hear it today around the 3 minute mark in the song.

Hey Jude is widely regarded as one of the best songs this planet has ever recorded, it still ties for number one place on the list of songs that have held the top of the charts for the longest time and is twice as long as the average pop song, seven minutes. It’s a notable song.

Four takes were recorded, the first was released, the one with the ‘Woah! Fucking hell!’ inside it.

So here’s a little bit of my “Gospel of Jude”: you can be in the middle of recording a global hit, hit a bung note, swear about it on the record, and still go to great heights.

Here’s to the bung notes we hit in marriage. May we whisper ‘fucking hell’ and move on to the rest of the song we’re singing so darn well.