Marriage Monday: You have a fan

Marriage Monday: You have a fan

I’m a little bit late on this week’s ‘Marriage Monday’ blog post, so in the final wee hours of Monday night I’m quickly writing this in Perth airport as I’m about to fly home.

The marriage Monday blog series’ purpose is to inspire you in your marriage, or your marriage-to-be. And after encouraging seven couples, 14 people, in their marriage today, I want to tell you the same thing that I told them.

You have a fan.

You’re no doubt already a massive fan of your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend. But do you realise, like deep down, truly, really, that you have a fan.

You’ll probably answer yes publicly, but if you think about the times that you’ve doubted the other person, or wondered if they’d come through for you, or you’ve worried if they wouldn’t support you as they face your enemies, or at least the cranky woman down the street?

Your biggest fan will always support you, always be shouting your name from the grandstand. When that finally becomes real for you everything will change. EVERYTHING! Enjoy!