How your marriage can help stop child marriage

How your marriage can help stop child marriage

I want to leave a mark on the world, and, I like to hang out with people that want to do the same kind of thing. That’s probably why you’re reading this blog, right? I don’t need my name up in lights. And I don’t need to see my name in the movie credits. Not that kind of mark on the world. Instead, I want to leave a mark on the world, like you leave someone’s car when you borrow it: I want to leave it better than how I got it.

That’s why Britt and I are partnering with Plan Australia to support their work in eradicating child marriage.

I stumbled across literature from “Girls Not Brides” recently and was left silent and stunned that this thing that I find so much pleasure in, seeing people get married, was the same thing that was seeing young women forced into a life where their liberties are stolen, along with their joy.

The more we searched about child marriage, research became overwhelming, and luckily there are many groups working hard to educate and help young women in this area. We chose Plan Australia because they have a targeted approach and I believe what they are doing is good and productive.

One of the specific programs that Plan have that interested us was their “Child marriage prevention program” in Indonesia. They work with families, communities and young people to educate them on the impact of early marriage and encourage them to allow girls to complete their education. They train young people as peer educators and also work directly with village elders, parents and teachers. Here is an example of what a donation can achieve:

  • $30 will support one young person to become Peer Educator and work on creating awareness among young people on negative effects of child marriage,
  • $41 to help create a “Child Marriage Free” village by working with a community to understand the negative impact and consequences of child marriage through information sessions, parents forums & movie nights,
  • $6 to develop 1 education pack with information on child marriage, gender equality, human rights, and child protection to be used in peer-to-peer education amongst young people.

So from today whenever a bride and groom invite me into their wedding to be their celebrant I’ll offer them the opportunity (on my electronic booking form) to partner with Plan Australia in a small way, paying to create more educational material or to send workers into Indonesian villages. And for every dollar that a couple donates, Britt and I will also donate, on top of our own personal commitment.

We’re super passionate about marriage being a force for good in the world, not evil.

If you’d like to join us then go straight to the Plan Australia website to donate today.