What makes Black Jacket Suiting different?

What makes Black Jacket Suiting different?

Continuing my series of asking my friends in the Brisbane wedding business what makes them different, today I sit down with a young guy starting a new shop, blazing a new path in menswear. Introducing Ryan Fisher and Black Jacket Suiting.

What, or who, is Black Jacket Suiting

Black Jacket Suiting’s mission statement is to offer the highest level of service at the most affordable price. The level of service that you’d expect from Hugo Boss, but at a quarter of the price.

We’ve devised a model where we not only have a storefront where they can meet for an appointment but we also have a mobile side of the business where we can visit clients in their workplace or in their house, offer styling advice, bring products for fitting. I’ve refined what I do down to a specific art where as long as a guy doesn’t change size, I can see him once and can send him a suit straight away.

What’s your background

I’m 23, attended Villa Nova and started off aspiring to be a doctor and started university in a Bachelor of Science but changed over to a double degree of law and commerce. I’m just about finished the degrees at UQ. I’ve worked in the menswear industry for over six years and have built up the industry knowledge and now want to put my stamp on the industry and take it to new places.

All of my competitors have done it for more than 30 years and no-one is doing mens fashion in a modern way: mobile, online and with fresh styling. Menswear has been ran the same way for too long. I want to bring the nostalgic feel of a barber to menswear, to take it out of the Westfield and into Bulimba.

What brands and menswear will you stock?

We have Studio Italia, New England, Milano, Kenneth Blake, Boston Suits, Daniel Hetchter, Gloweave, Brooksfield, and some of my own designs. We have Cinciti Belts, Floreshien Shoes, Bennicci Shoes, Shoreditch Suits, Le’win Suits and Fashion Biz corporate uniforms, Biz Collection uniforms for hospitality, corporate and tradesman wear.

Boulvandre Suits are also available in the lower end of the price range.

How do you want to rock the wedding world?

I want to put my own little fashion touches to wedding menswear, with fashionable socks and pocket squares to make the guys stand out, and of course dress them in suits that match the style and eloquence of their bride’s dresses.

It’s sometimes hard to co-ordinate menswear for a bridal party, so we’re saying let’s have a dinner party one night and we’ll come round to your place with suits to make sure everyone is fitted well and they look awesome.

What makes you different?

  • The mobile business is the biggest point of differentiation, no-one else is doing that.
  • We’re not in a Westfield, we’re in the suburbs, we’re where you live
  • We lessen the generic feel of the store, our store is a little more homely and comfortable
  • We offer personal esoteric services
  • We have a quick and efficient turn around of menswear, you’re fitted and the next moment you have a suit
  • In regards to weddings we offer not only awesome price point packages but we also do a full wedding service to help you plan your wedding menswear.
  • We’ve got a lot more of a young, modern, edgy and different feel. We keep a classy decorum in the store.

So you’re open soon?

We open from Monday, January 20, seven days 9-5pm and after hours by appointment.

[box type=”info”]Until February 10: Black Jacket Suiting also has an opening special that’s going to run from January 20 to February 10: 50% off everything. That means you can come in store, look at the tag and cut it in half.[/box]

Chat to Ryan Fisher on 0432 282 708, or email him at bjacketsuiting@gmail.com and his website will be live soon at blackjacketsuiting.com.au