Is social media destroying weddings?

Is social media destroying weddings?

Instant apologies for the clickbait headline, but lets be honest, if I’d used my original headline “The internet isn’t having your wedding, only you are” there was a 50% less of a chance of you getting this far into the piece.

And luckily for all of us, that is pretty much the gist of the whole article.

The internet isn’t celebrating your marriage to your favourite, with your family, and your friends, in your town, your way. The internet is the algorithmic average of all seven billion earthlings. If the internet was going to give you anything, it’s a halfway mark.

Look at all the awesome hashtag wedding inspo and you’ll know you’re halfway. You’ve got half your ideas, the most average of them all, and now you just need to sprinkle your “you” glitter all over it and you’ll have the perfect wedding.

Scroll through the hashtags, the mood boards, the trends, and the blogs, and take them for what they are – not a goal, or an end point, but the middle point between having no idea, and celebrating your once in a lifetime marriage