Are you visiting Australia and want to get married?

Are you visiting Australia and want to get married?

Regardless of your nationality you are more than welcome to do as many have done and be married in the most beautiful country in the world, Australia. There is no residency qualification required to marry here. The only requirement is that you are of course free to marry, that is you are not currently married, this can be proven when lodging the NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage) which must occur more than a month before your wedding day.

Obviously, the marriage ceremony must comply with the Marriage Act, 1961. There is no reason why your marriage in Australia cannot be recognised within your own country, however it is advisable to talk to your own local authorities or registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to confirm this before booking flights. This is particularly important if you are coming from some European countries as they require your Marriage Certificate to have an Apostille stamp. For more information on Apostille stamps visit

It is important to remember that there can only be one legal marriage, any further or later ceremony must be a re-affirmation of vows ceremony.

If you’re interested in being married in Australia then I’d love to be your celebrant.

Fiance Visa

Australian residents wishing to bring to Australia a partner on a Fiance Visa can do so, the following information would be of interest to you.

You are required to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) with your celebrant, hopefully me, who will issue you with a letter addressed to the appropriate Australian Embassy handling your case confirming that he/she has received that notice. Your partner would lodge this letter with their application at the embassy in the country from where they are applying.

Marriage and Immigration

Australia’s immigration laws offer visas to foreign people who are in relationships with Australians. The rules are very complex. I’m not an immigration expert and as such am not able to provide you with wise counsel on this issue, I suggest you find an expert on immigration law to further this conversation.