Why I (sometimes) hate rehearsals

Why I (sometimes) hate rehearsals

Wedding rehearsals aren’t necessary

Everyone thinks you need a rehearsal when you don’t. Well, you might need one if your wedding is a show that everyone needs tickets to. Or if it’s an epic production. Or if it’s a show-off.

But a real life, raw, awesome, fun, wedding ceremony doesn’t need a rehearsal.

It might need a catch up to go over what will happen. It’s nice to catch up at the venue and suss out where everyone will arrive and leave and how to open a door etc.

People that are walking into the wedding after everyone has taken a seat (like a bridal party) might like a walkthrough of where they’ll walk and how long it takes so we know if we have enough music. But then again, your bridal party has probably walked somewhere before, right?

But it doesn’t matter. People aren’t there for the show. They’re there to celebrate the mind-blowing awesomeness that is two people liking each other to sleep next to each other with the lights off even when they know how the other person thinks. That’s what a wedding is. We’re just celebrating two weirdoes getting married.

How a bridesmaid walks does not matter at all. In fact they should just walk normally so they are less stressed. If anything, every bridesmaid on the planet needs to calm their tits be cool and just chill out. Just walk down calmly. Don’t rush down the aisle. Don’t do the caterpillar walk either, let each bridesmaid just cruise into the ceremony on their own, we’ve got all day. Own that aisle. And as for the bride and whoever is escorting her, take the same advice. Just chill out 🙂

It’s nice, and rather productive, to catch up the week or month before the wedding and step through details and make sure everyone has all the things they need.

But you don’t need a rehearsal.

You probably just need a coffee, beer, or beverage with your celebrant and a few of the key players in the venue so we’re not lost on the day.

The feature image for this post is by Jessie Dains from Matthew and Danielle’s wedding. Josh and Shannon named their wedding photography biz after someone really special, you should contact them and ask who.