Why are we all so passionate about unplugged weddings?

Why are we all so passionate about unplugged weddings?

You might have noticed the same thing I’ve noticed lately while scrolling around Facebook. Or maybe you haven’t because you’re not friends with as many wedding photographers or videographers as I am. Everyone in the wedding industry is pushing for unplugged weddings.

Let me share a few samples


And here’s why all of us in the wedding industry keep on banging on about unplugged weddings. I saw it three times this weekend just gone, and I’ll see it again this weekend: guests, family members, mums, dads, friends, siblings, arrive to your wedding and they’re so focused on filming or Snapchatting or photographing your ceremony that they miss it.

They miss the whole ceremony.

The best part of the day. That magical moment where you exchange vows and become a married couple, your Dad misses it because he was trying to get the right shot. Not to mention that you’ve paid a photographer and probably a videographer to actually capture it. So your Aunty misses the magic because she was doing something completely redundant. Or your grandma has to get that blurry shot on her iPad like the photographer might have missed a shot.

I almost always ask the guests and family at the ceremony to attend the ceremony as they were invited to do, and we’ll leave the the photography and videography to the two to four hired professionals circling the area. I highly recommend you do as well so that your dad can be boasting about that special moment that you got married, instead of that amazing photo he didn’t have to get, but did.

So if you see one of us wedding professionals whinging about guests taking photos and pushing unplugged weddings, this is why: we really believe the ceremony is something worth experiencing in the flesh, with your own ears and eyes. Let’s leave the pro work to the pros.

The photographer’s thing

There’s also a really good argument made by many photographers. They say, quite rightly, that everyone else trying to get the shot really gets in the way of them getting the shot. And they’ve been paid to get the shot, and yet there you are with your iPad trying to use your flash to illuminate a room and you ruin it. This is also a really good point.

The evidence



Versus this


All of the photos, not the screenshots, in this post are by my friend Jimmy at Izo Photography in Perth 🙂