Business Workshop: Who Cares Wins

Business Workshop: Who Cares Wins

Full day workshop on Sunday, May 22, 2016 in Sydney

I firmly believe that the only thing I really have to give to my clients, my customers, the people that invite me into their weddings, is my care. Sure I’ve been gifted an authority to marry people, and I might have a good voice and a great PA system, but the thing that sets me apart from the other 8,900 marriage celebrants in Australia is my care level.

I care a lot. How much? I’ll let my reviews speak for themselves.

I also believe that ever other business person I recommend and work alongside cares about their people just as much as I do, if not more, but they get bogged down in the business of delivering that care. Creating a service that people want to hire you for, whether it’s photography, celebrancy or being a tradie, is only half of the battle. The second half is making it accessible to a population that wants it, and managing those relationships without burnout.

What’s in the workshop?

In my business, Married By Josh, and in Britt’s business, The Elopement Collective, we’ve created systems, processes and methods for running a sustainable business, that provides an awesome service, that provides for us and our staff, and lets us live a life worth living. I really believe that we could be the best at what we do, but if were ignoring the plethora of tools and systems available to us we’d be burnt out before Monday.

So if you’d like to sit down for a Sunday and take away 30 short lessons on using tools, gadgets, online services, and systems to make your business better, plus my tips on how to market your business without advertising it, grab a ticket below!

Plus, I’m co-hosting this with James Day. I’ve helped him with his business systems and automations and he’ll be speaking on the day as well.

Who’s the workshop for?

  • Humans that run businesses
  • People that really care about their customers and the services they’re receiving
  • People that want to master social media without being glued to their phone
  • Businesses that needs some help tackling their inbox, accounts, enquiries, website, social media
  • Any business type, wedding industry people will definitely benefit but all businesses welcome
  • Entrepreneurs that want to start blogging and creating content that people actually give two flicks about

Advertising yourself without marketing?

Here’s a tip on the advertising: advertising is a tax paid by businesses that aren’t remarkable. It’s more than probable that if you’ve read this far, you actually do lead a remarkable business, but you’re still paying the tax: I’d love to help you recognise your remarkable and teach you how you can easily tell the world.

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