Where there's a will there's a pun about getting a will

Where there's a will there's a pun about getting a will

Regular attendees to the sideshow that is this blog will know that I’m on a crazy, under-appreciated, and never really totally understood journey to burrow to the bottom of the wedding universe and see if there’s any meaning left at the bottom of it.

The good news is that there is, and it’s up to us to claim it.

So today’s blog post has almost nothing to do with weddings, but everything to do with marriage. Because a wedding is one day, and a marriage is about life. The wedding is generally closer to the start, and the will is for the end.

Get a will

If you read no further then you’ve learned enough for today, go home and put your head down. But if you desire further learnings (I personally recommend Google) I’ll try and flesh it out here.

I was invited by the Public Trustee to come and get a will. Mainly because I didn’t have one, should already have one, plus they figured that every day I stood in front of people that need one and maybe if I wrote about they would get one.

So,if you’re wondering if you need a will, there’s a really easy test.

The test to see if you need a will

Pinch yourself. If you can feel the pinch, you need a will. Pinch someone else. If they feel it, they need a will. This is a highly researched and well-prepared test that will stand the ages, I’m sure.


A will is the document that tells important people what to do with your stuff once you pass on from this earth. You might not think you have much “stuff”, don’t worry, I’m with you. But even if yo aren’t flush with riches you may have some personal effects and 45 cents in the bank and that estate has to be left to someone and it’s not as quick and automatic as you think it is if you don’t have a will.

Other reasons include who gets your wife or husband if you pass away. Ok that’s a joke. But seriously, if you have children you might want to leave some instruction as to who you think would look after them best.

You’ll also need to leave instruction for who is the most trusted person in your world to look after these dealings.

But I don’t know what to do

Neither did I. And for the hefty fee of $0 the Public Trustee asked me a bunch of questions and they made a will for me. They even keep a copy on file so I can’t lose it. It’s a free service that everyone should do. So go do it!

The featured image for this post is by Ed Peers, of myself and the girl that gets everything in my will 🙂