What's with the name and the logo

What's with the name and the logo

I've been thinking about all this for so long. After ten years of celebrancy and ten years of blogging about weddings, ten years of influencing the wedding industry and how people get married I'd started thinking about bringing all of that under a new name.

I ran the idea past a few friends. Not all of the responses were positive.

My friend Adam kind of got the idea:

Text message conversation with Adam

But I knew I was onto an idea worth trademarking when I ran it past my friend Tenielle:

Text message conversation with Tenielle

So after a few experiences earlier in my career and before I told anyone else, I registered the trademark in Australia.

IP Australia trademark registraton for "Rebels Guide"

Then, I got distracted by doing the actual work of being a marriage celebrant, until early 2020 occured.

Amongst the chaos that arose out of what was happening in 2020 I had the creative spark to start something new, again. A bit of a phoenix from the ashes kind of deal, that as our business burned that cool looking mythical bird might fly up and out.

So I shook off the trademark application that had been freshly registered a few months earlier and contacted a graphic designer and a sound designer.

My friend Luke put me in touch with Fern who designs with an Apple Pencil on iPad, plus I loved her art, so we got to work on a logo for what was going to be just a podcast at that stage.

Sketching out some ideas
Looking a little bit too much like Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls', so let's change some colours around.
The finished product

Once I had the graphics tied down I asked my friend Jez, one of the best sound designers and producers Australia has birthed, to lay down some audio for the podcast and video.

I love this so much.

Rebel's Guide Intro
Rebel's Guide Outro

Then all I had to do was sit down and start doing the real work.

Over late 2019 in New York, Iceland, and New Zealand I'd made a number of videos which I intended to release under this brand, but it took my friend Jay to encourage and help me to write a book this year while we're in Baja California Sur to actually sit down and write this thing.

I'm so glad I get to share it with you soon!

In the mean time follow along with my drafts here on the blog, starting with the boring but important bits at the start of the book.

Josh Withers

Josh Withers

The original rebel, husband, father, nerd and also a marriage celebrant for the world's most adventurous couple getting married today.
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