What's left over

What's left over

After the big budget day, the stress and the drinks, all of the things that make up a wedding day, what have you got left over? That’s the thought in my mind as I’m planning most things, like blog posts, or workshops, or events or date nights. How will it all end. Where will we be after the series of awesome things that are about to roll out?

If nothing else, I hope you’re left with a lifelong, awesome marriage.

Maybe some images. Maybe a USB stick full of those images?

Maybe a film, or a cool Instagram hashtag you can scroll back through.

Memories would be awesome, hopefully some stronger friendships, and greater bonds with family.

Britt and I recently went back through our wedding photos and I was pleasantly surprised that I knew all but one or two people, and almost everyone there we’re still best friends with. That’s a great thing to be left with after a wedding.

All of that, along with a lifelong union called marriage with the best person I know.

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