What is it like to hire Josh?

What is it like to hire Josh?

I go to great lengths to try and tell everyone all about me before they ever hire me, so there’s no surprises. So when Will emailed me after Sarah and his wedding I thought his feedback was not only encouraging and helpful internally, it might actually be useful to people that are wondering what it’s like to be married by me. His daily job is all about planning and observing risks, so he’s more than qualified to report on hashtag marriedbyjosh 🙂

Initial search for the service

We actually found you via Google by searching “Awesome celebrant Brisbane”. You are one of the top hits on the results page and so finding you was easy.

What swayed us both was the very honest look/feel of your website; felt very personal to read through to get an opinion on whether a meet-up would be worthwhile. You have a feel to the website of “this is me, come meet me if you like what you read/see and if not, then thanks for your time”.

Meet and greets

These were great. The flexibility showed to dial-in Sarah from the US and then speak on FaceTime was appreciated. The location of the office is very convenient/central and have numerous times to meet up to discuss the high points for what we needed to do was great.

Other than that, there isn’t really a huge amount to add – very great service and this face-to-face format is something that should continue.


What can I say…you were prompt, professional, engaging with the crowd and really uplifting. I thought your style was very well grounded and established and you made it feel like a very personal experience without any awkwardness.

Speaker system was great – very clear.

Length of the service was spot on – said enough to settle people and then let us get onto our vows.

The 360 Camera is a great tool. I understand from Sarah that this was a new toy of yours. Really great to see it used and the output is awesome. We have literally showed it to everyone not able to make the wedding and I think Sarah’s parents have seen it a few times too!

That’s the kind of feedback I aim for every day, I’d love to help you ‘get onto your vows’ too, so get in touch.

The feature image from this post is by Nicola Lemmon at Will and Sarah’s wedding! If you look closely you can see a 360 camera at the end of the aisle and a confetti cannon not going off 🙂