What is a pop-up wedding?

What is a pop-up wedding?

If you’ve got a spare hour, fire up your Googles and do a search for pop-up wedding, this link does the search and removes our websites. It’s quite an honour to have so many people loving and copying the idea, but there’s always one question we get and thankfully no-one else is answering it well: what is a pop-up wedding. We honestly get an email every hour or two asking the same question. It’s a valid question, so don’t feel bad for asking.

So many people have been quick to capitalise on the idea and say it’s a registry style wedding, it’s not quite. It’s also not a blanket term for elopements, though there is some crossover. In fact everyone that has copied it has pretty much walked away from our original inspiration for the idea.

It is quite simply: a fancy elopement consisting of a short and sweet marriage ceremony followed by a photo shoot. You’re in and out in under an hour and it’s beautiful, stylish, and not cliche. There’s no BS and no random uncles or high school friends.

[quote]pop-up wedding. noun. a fancy elopement ceremony and photo shoot where many couples share the celebrant, photographer, stylist, venue and florist but not at the same time[/quote]

It’s not a shit wedding, it’s an awesome elopement.

A pop-up wedding is 100% about creating a marriage and 0% about doing what’s proper and right on your wedding day and inviting your second cousin and having a cake even though you hate cake.

It’s not a full-blown wedding with red carpet and catering, slowly chipped away at so it fits a budget. It’s a short, meaningful powerful expression of love and recognition of commitment, all captured by a sweet ass photographer.

Honestly, it’s the wedding Britt and I would have had if we knew it was an option.

Britt explains more on the Pop-Up Wedding Co. blog today.

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