Weddings in 2030

Weddings in 2030

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What will weddings look like in 2030?

Josh takes a look at the current wedding audience and wonders what if anyone would even attend a wedding in the future? Will every wedding be enjoyed through an Oculus Rift and live blogged on an iPad?

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I stood in front of a crowd last week and the couple about to be married were metres away, about to walk into the ceremony, and with my microphone turned on, turned up, and my kindest most loving voice, I made a request of the witnesses to this most precious moment:

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“Our photographer today is going to totally capture the whole ceremony, so you are 100% liberated to involve and immerse yourself in it instead of photograph it. That’s my hope for the next fifteen minutes of time on planet earth, is that you would stop trying to find the right Instagram filter, and that you would be 100% present in this moment. I think this amazing marriage ceremony is worth it”

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And then there was a sigh along with that look from a family member who was ‘totally expecting’ that I would say “something like that” and begrudgingly put their phone down but then sneakily held it up to film the ceremony instead of photograph it.

The desire to preserve and share memories is uniquely human and is as old as cave drawings and the spoken word. So I’m not going to get in the way of a memories being preserved and shared, but, we have hired someone to do that exact thing.

Here’s the truth

The truth is that I don’t even care what you do on your phone or what you take a photo of, that’s your business. My business however is about creating these moments in time where two people transition from one stage of life to another. My whole thing is about saying “look at this, this moment, this couple, this commitment, isn’t this good?!” and then everyone claps and cheers whilst crying and laughing.

Marriage ceremonies are odd places, where you start crying, even if you’ve never met the couple. It’s the raw electric emotion and the realisation of goodness that forces you to just experience it, so you’ll probably start crying.

So why put our phones away?

I ask people to put their phones and cameras away, not because I care about the photos they’re taking, but because I know they’ll miss the amazingness if they are trying to get the right show. Especially if they’re a part of the 99.9% of the population that really can’t take good photo.

In 20 years I could imagine wedding guests being thankful they paid attention and they immersed themselves in the ceremony, over that photo they got. Compared to the standards of the day your photo will probably be terrible anyway. But that memory of that moment, that will last forever.

Weddings in 2030

So what do I think weddings in 2030 will look like? I might be ahead of the trend here, but I can imagine two trends emerging: immersive wedding photography and videography, and secondly, being completely unplugged from the world for a day. Already today Britt and I relish the idea of a resort where there is no Telstra service. Imagine being invited to an event where the sole purpose is to leave the world for a few minutes and to really actually celebrate something. Not to just “attend” a wedding, but to participate in it. That’s my bet for the future of celebrating marriage.

I’m sorry if you were hoping for mason jars or a dress recommendation, but I’ll leave the styling to the stylish.