Attention all wedding venues, please help us and do this one thing

Attention all wedding venues, please help us and do this one thing

Wedding venues are magical places where so many lasting and special memories are created. I love the feeling of discovering new wedding venues, especially places that aren’t even wedding venues. Those cafes, restaurants, private residences and random spaces that transform into wedding ceremony spaces on any given day.

But there’s a problem

But I’ve got a problem, and if I’ve got the problem, thousands of other people are probably experiencing the same thing: we’re lost.

Let me explain. I spend all day every day driving to different venues around Australia and I usually have Google Maps or Apple Maps open taking me there because I’ve got more important things to remember than if I’ve taken the right exit off the highway. There’s also a pro-driver tip that I’ll share below as to why I have Google Maps open.

So I type the venue name into my app and nothing comes up. Or worse, and this happened recently, it takes you somewhere else. Earlier I said that if it happens to me then it’s probably happening to thousands of people, and that’s because I triple check and I usually know the area really well so I usually pick up on wrong locations or misdirections.

Let’s fix this

Luckily for us there is an easy fix: there’s two websites every single wedding venue needs to visit. I’ll list them below. Click the links and either add or correct your venue listing on Apple Maps and Google Maps. That way every single celebrant, photographer, stylist, couple, guest, family member, will be able to find you and arrive to weddings on time.


People are happier when they’re not lost. People arrive on time when they’re not lost. Everything runs better when guests and suppliers aren’t lost. And it’s free. And it’s important. Click the links and update your listings, venues!

Pro-Life Tip: Why do I have Google Maps open?

I always have Google Maps open when I’m driving to a wedding because if bad traffic is ahead and there’s a quicker way to get to the venue by taking a side road or a service road, Google Maps live updates and just takes you the better way. I’ve saved literally hours of my life having Google Maps open.

The feature image for this blog post was taken by the rad, Shane Shepherd at the State Library of Queensland’s Red Box.