What to do with wedding traditions

What to do with wedding traditions

I’ve just walked out of a great little coffee catch up with a couple visiting from Sydney, getting married on the Gold Coast at Sanctuary Cove, and I had to write a blog post about what we chatted about because I think it might just help you and anyone else juggling wedding traditions. What on earth do you do with them all? The wedding traditions that is.

Traditional vs. non-traditional

The couple I just had coffee with are in the same boat as a bride I just chatted with after her wedding and as almost every single couple getting married this year: they don’t want to have a weird and offensive-to-family wedding, but on the other hand, some of these wedding traditions just don’t make sense.

So, choose your own adventure

So my advice on wedding tradition is simple: choose your own adventure.

The only things required by law (at your Australian wedding at least) is that there are a bride, groom, two witnesses and a celebrant that says a few things and the bride and groom verbally admit that they want to take each other as a husband or wife and then they sign paperwork in front of the witnesses. Everything else is ‘À la carte’. Every other thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding in person, or on TV, or in a book, or in church, is all laid out in front of you and together we get to create something unique.

You can even choose things that aren’t on the menu. The chef/celebrant can make something wholly different just for you.

Don’t want to say ‘I do’? That’s awesome! You do ‘I do’? Even better!

Is the bride a mature individual that’s capable of making her own decisions and is not actually being given away as property during the wedding but she still wants her dad to walk down the aisle? That’s ok, he still can!

You see, the short end of it is this: regardless of what pop-culture or your parents tell you, there is no one way to get married. You marriage isn’t void if you sleep in the same bed on the night before your wedding, and if you walk down the aisle together lightening will most probably not strike you down. But you can also take on wedding traditions because they feel right or you like them. It’s ok.

Even I, the author of this blog, the guy that creates weird and wonderful wedding ceremonies wears the most traditional gold wedding band because I just had too.

And “I just had too” is a fine enough reason for you to do something at your wedding as well.

Feature image by Brisbane wedding photographer, Jess Marks Photography