Frugal wedding idea: a wedding photo competition

Frugal wedding idea: a wedding photo competition

Here’s an idea that might cater to your frugal side and also your friends and family’s creative side.

Instead of hiring a professional photographer for your wedding ceremony and reception, stage a wedding photo competition.

Put your wedding photo budget into a competition instead of a photographer, and your wedding guests compete by taking the best wedding photos.

Buy prizes for your different awards, you could structure it like a race, first, second and third, or you could structure it like some office’s Christmas Party’s: Best first kiss photo, Funniest photo, Worst photo, etc.

You could stage the competition on social media as well, Facebook or Instagram, and take votes.

As part of the competition’s rules, the bride and groom keep all of the entrants and also require high quality image files.


Legalise: This idea is free to be stolen, re-blogged, magazined and credited. Also, photographers, I love you and your work, but it’s ok for some brides and grooms to have a fun and frugal wedding if they choose.