How to be an awesome wedding ceremony guest

How to be an awesome wedding ceremony guest

Attending a wedding ceremony as a guest soon? I get to see the best and worst of wedding guests every day at “work” so I wanted to share a few tips on how you can be the best guest in he universe!

1. Arrival time

Don’t be too early, wedding vendors setting up furniture, decorations, music gear etc allow for guests to arrive 30 to sometimes 60 minutes early. The perfect guests arrives 15 minutes before the ceremony starts, in my humble opinion. Why? Vendors and suppliers are setting up, and as much as they’re lovely and talkative people, they’re super busy and probably don’t have the time to give you lens-buying advice 🙂

But don’t be late. For crying out loud don’t be the guy or girl walking in behind the bride.

2. Seating and standing

If there is more than 20-30 seats then the couple have rented seats for everyone, including you, so sit. They’ve just paid $5-$10 for you to sit, so sit! If there’s only a handful, 4-20 seats, then they’re for family, elderly, and others that need to sit.

If you’re standing guest, come in close to the ceremony, don’t stand so far away that you’re almost attending an event in the next property. Come up real close. When you stand close to the ceremony you look like you’re there to encourage and support the wedding. When you stand back against the wall, or at the back of the park, your body language screams apathy.

3. Electronics, cameras, phones

It’s common for there to be social media or camera policies for weddings, and most of them exist for this exact reason: you’re a terrible/average/ok photographer/videographer and we’ve invited you to support us, not film us. We’ve hired amazing photographers and videographers to do that. So consider yourself relinquished of the responsibility to capture the ceremony on your iPad … and be there in a supportive role instead!

Also, you know that silent setting? Yeah, do that.

And if the bride and groom have expressed wishes for the ceremony to be social media’ed, then please respect that, don’t be the douche.

4. Supporting the ceremony

Be the supportive guest. When they exchange vows, clap and scream. When they kiss, egg them on. Be the wedding guest support that Gotham city needs, and deserves. Make lots of (supportive and encouraging) noise!

5. Bothering people

Bring your invite. The couple paid lots of money to have all of the info you need to know printed on there. So don’t bother the bride wanting to know when and where the reception is. Get the info beforehand off your invite 🙂