There's 13 other good times of the week you can get married outside of 3pm Saturday

There's 13 other good times of the week you can get married outside of 3pm Saturday

I’m sitting at my desk, typing away at a time I don’t think I’ve had to myself for about a year, it’s 3pm on Saturday.

3pm Saturday is the stock standard, status quo, normal wedding time. It’s actually quite a good time to have a wedding. The sun is setting, it’s a few hours before most dinner parties happen, tonight’s party being a wedding reception however.

And as good as 3pm Saturday is, there’s actually thirteen other really good times of the week to celebrate marital bliss, so on this first Saturday afternoon off in quite a while (ironically I had a wedding on Friday, have a wedding tomorrow and on Tuesday!), I wanted to highlight thirteen other really good times to hold a wedding.

14 good times to hold a wedding

3pm Saturday

Variations include 3:30pm and 4pm.

3pm Saturday is a perfectly good and fine time to hold a wedding, however ……

Anytime Monday-Wednesday

You have the pick of the bunch for a Monday to Wednesday wedding. You can pretty much secure the exact photographer, venue, celebrant and videographer for your wedding day if you hold it early in the week. Monday to Wednesday is the industry’s weekend. Many of us actually take the days off, but we’re also wedding professionals, so just for you I’m sure most of us will work the ‘weekend’ as well. Many venues offer discounts for mid-week weddings as well.

Public holidays

Public holidays are a wedding freebie, a little gift from the government, a day off that isn’t a weekend that lets you celebrate, party and wed all on your guest’s employers dime. Your guests are thankful because they don’t need to take a day off plus your vendors may well be available as it’s not, you guessed it, 3pm Saturday.

A sidestep from public holidays is to hold your wedding the day before a public holiday. This is especially helpful if you will be serving any beer or wine at your wedding.

Friday mornings

There’s a a few little nuggets of scheduling goodness in this time, as a couple you’ve probably taken the week off already. Your guests can easily convince their boss to let them have Friday off for a wedding, what boss will say no to a wedding! Vendors are more available plus you get the weekend to catch up with travelling friends and family!

The added bonus for a Friday morning is that you get to have a lunch reception. Why is a lunchtime reception a win? Because lunchtime receptions are a slow burning party that gets the business of eating, speeches and the tossing of bridal ornaments done nice and early and leaves the whole PM of the day to party. If you like to party, you may well like a lunchtime reception. My tip is to leave a big blank gap in your calendar from 3pm onwards.

Friday afternoons

All of the above reasons from Friday morning, but with an evening reception. Afternoon/evening weddings give travelling guests the opportunity to fly in that morning.

Anytime Thursday

Thursday weddings are a nuclear bomb on the normal work week. This bomb is a welcome gift to those that want to burn some annual leave with good reason. Plus, as mentioned many times before, there’s sometimes room for vendors discounts or even just vendor availability.


Surely Saturday night is not the only night you celebrate things? Weddings can be solemnised (legal speak for performed) at any time on any day. Why not get your closest friends together at your favourite restaurant and begin the night with a celebrant and a few vows?

Saturday morning

Saturday morning comes with all the benefits of Friday morning, and of course the now famous lunchtime reception (and Saturday night party!) but without the pain of trying to get Friday off work.

Saturday night

Take everything I said for weeknights, then add a few more drinks, and another drink. Then a hangover on Sunday morning.


Sunday’s are great. They’re just like a Saturday but with a tiny bit more pressure of a working week peering over the fence. Anytime Sunday is a good time to don a suit and celebrate the importance and the mystery of love and marriage.

Early morning on any day

If you’re an early morning beach walker, or just a lover of the sun being on the same level as you, why not celebrate your matrimony at the same time. Your celebrant will love the 4am wakeup call!

A special date to your family

The day of the week might not be as important as the date of the year for your wedding day. Maybe you want to celebrate your marriage on the same day you met, you got engaged or another special event in your life. Own the date!

A number nerd date

Just this past week I celebrated a 9:10am 11/12/13 wedding. Unfortunately the palindrome dates like 11/11/11  are all out of stock for another 80 or so years, and even full sequential dates like 8/9/10 are all gone until next century, but there are other special dates:

  • Pi day
    • American date style makes it March 14
    • There’s also any day on Pi month: 3/(20)14
    • Amended Pi day: 31/4/15 – ok apparently there is no 31 of April … apparently this is on lots of calendars. Soz.
  • Star Wars Day: May the 4th.
  • Friday the 13th, there’s only one in 2014 but three in 2015: 13 June 2014, 13 February 2015, 13 March 2015, 13 November 2015
  • 4:20pm. If you know what this means … well … you’d know why April 20 is 420 day in America.
  • April Fools Day: April 1st
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day: Friday, September 19, 2014
  • International Beer Day is a celebration on the first Friday of every August
  • Christmas in July: July 25
  • Opposite Day: January 25
  • World Laughter Day takes place on the first Sunday of May
  • Festivus: December 23
  • Towel Day: May 25
  • Hobbit Day: September 22
  • Square Root Day: There’s only a few left over the next 100 years: 4/4/16, 5/5/25, 6/6/36, 7/7/49, 8/8/64, 9/9/81

1pm Saturday

1pm Saturday is the younger brother of 3pm Saturday with slightly more availability of venues and celebrants.


Whichever wedding time you choose, make sure of one thing only: that the time works for you and your fiance. Forget everyone else, and venues telling you it’s the best time for them, or photographers suggesting so and so light, a good photographer can take a good photo at any time of the day and a good venue will make your event work.