My wedding ceremony secret sauce

My wedding ceremony secret sauce

I completed an entrepreneur “how do you fascinate” personality test the other day, it was quite the insightful procedure. I learnt, amongst other things, that my (wait for the corporate speak) most dormant advantage is that of “mystique”.

So the thing I’m least good at in life, particularly in business, is being mysterious.

This probably explains why Britt got her second wedding anniversary present two weeks early this year and I always am the idiot that tells someone about their surprise party.

So now I’m ok with this big weakness in my shield, I’m going to share what makes my wedding ceremonies so special, unique and famous. I’m going to share my wedding ceremony secret sauce.

The secret sauce

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There it is, right there. If you look in the middle of that photo that’s the secret.

It’s not the MacBook or the hot picture of my wife. Nope, it’s the application running on my Mac. It’s called Pages. You can use any word processor you like, I just like how clean and elegant Pages feels as I type.

The secret sauce is how empty it is. That’s how it looks when I start creating a wedding ceremony. No templates, nothing Googled. Nothing copied and pasted. It’s just me, Pages and two kids in love chatting about how we can celebrate their love.

That’s all folks, I never said I’d give away the recipe. Just the secret sauce.