10 ways you can work the federal election into your September 7 wedding

10 ways you can work the federal election into your September 7 wedding

For me, September 7 2013 is Britt and my first wedding anniversary, and for thousands of others, it’s their wedding day.

And a few moments ago Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that the federal election will be on September 7, 2013.

Everyone you speak to will be on different ends of the political spectrum of apathy or passion, and of course different political bias.

Here are ten creative ways you can work the federal election into, or out of, your September 7 wedding.Kevin Rudd Wedding

1. Hold your ceremony at a local polling booth and shout the guests a BBQ sausage and a can of coke for the reception. This is a joke. Do not do this.

2. Display tweets about the election results on a projector or LCD screen using the website visibletweets.com

3. Instead of throwing the bouquet to see who is getting married next, hold a poll at the reception and release the results during the speeches.

4. The bride can walk down the aisle to Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution”

5. As her father gives the bride away, he  says “I approve this message”

6. The vows can be replaced by marriage policies, with each statement beginning with “If elected I will …”

7. Introduce the worm into the reception, the dance, not the debate indicator.

8. Turn the reception speeches into family debates.

9. Invite Kevin Rudd to your wedding.

10. Hold a press conference in the middle of the football to announce your wedding, on YouTube.