Vas and Felicia's Spicers Peak Lodge elopement

Vas and Felicia's Spicers Peak Lodge elopement

“When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world”


Felicia first emailed The Elopement Collective with an uncommon request to do a common thing, marry:

I love seeing your posts in my newsfeed. You make me daydream and though I first met Vas some 20 years ago, you make me impatient.

With 7 children between us, there is always someone or something calling our attention (and, regrettably, finances) away.

But I want to whisper in my lover’s ear, “Come away with me”. I need to feel that I have the right to call him, “husband”.


They first met twenty years ago, twenty years of this thread being sewn through their lives, personally, professionally, apart, and together, and finally it was going to happen!

I want to marry the one my soul reaches for on our anniversary of Monday 4 January 2016. Neither of us want to wait any longer!



So we collected, as the Elopement Collective does, people perfect for the job. Aaron Shum to create stills and Wilde Visual for the film. No-one else was going to be there, but somehow they all had to find out, so it needed to be recorded, archived, presented, beautifully!



What a spectacular and meaningful way to create a marriage!!






If you would like to run away from how everyone else thinks you ought to marry, then elope with The Elopement Collective!