My values

My values

I’ve got this thing where I don’t like to do business with people that don’t have the same values as me. It just means that there’s less awkward moments in life. I’d never really stated these, and for all I know they might change or evolve, but for this day in October 2014, this is what they look like:

A wedding is but one day, a marriage is for life

We’re doing life stuff here. It’s not a show, or a keeping-up-with-the-jones ordeal, this is real, awesome, authentic, life.

Two people are getting married

It’s not “the girl’s day” or it’s not something “she/he wanted to do” – this is a union which equally involves both parties.

Authentic wedding > any other wedding

There’s an authenticity, a real slice of reality, required in a wedding to get my blood pumping. We can take inspiration from everyone and everywhere, but on the day it’s your wedding, no-one elses.

So that’s it for the moment.

I’m not talking about a lot of values, but those ones are important to me.

If a wedding magazine approaches me about advertising but it hasn’t talked about authentic wedding ceremonies in a recent issue I’ll probably not advertise.

And if a wedding website is all about the bride, the bride, the bride, then I’ll probably decline the invite to be involved, because they’ve forgotten the groom.

And if a wedding vendor ever forgets that we’re simply lucky enough to be involved in a business that helps two kids celebrate their union and their love for each other then I’ll probably not recommend them.

It’s the simple things in life where we often get stuck.