Why Valentine's Day is a great day to marry

Why Valentine's Day is a great day to marry

Valentine’s Day is the best day to get married on. Let me explain why.

So many people comment on Valentine’s Day being cheesy or over romantic, or a corporate scam to make boyfriends spend more on their girlfriends, but Saint Valentine’s Day carries a great message behind it.

Saint Valentine was slain because he broke the law, the law forbidding men to marry. Marriage was outlawed in Valentine’s Day because the king didn’t want men distracted by love (it’s so distracting isn’t it!). Instead he wanted them on the battlefield fighting and dying for their country.

Father Valentine, as he was then known, broke the rules and continued to marry people in secret. When he was found out he was sentenced to death and we celebrate Valentine’s Day now because we think that falling in love and getting married is a pretty darn good idea. We also recognise that it’s not an easy thing to do, fall in love that is, so when it happens it ought be celebrated!

So out of all of the cheese romantic lovely days to get married on, Valentine’s Day seems like a pretty good choice.

Plus you’ll never forget your wedding anniversary.

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