Uber at your wedding

Uber at your wedding

Uber is changing the way we’re getting around our city, and already they’re making a massive impact on the way we get to weddings, I caught one in Sydney to a wedding just a few weeks ago.

My favourite thing about Uber is that it’s a disruptive technology, I feel like we’re kindred spirits as I disrupt the way normal weddings have been and try to make them fun and enjoyable.

I still remember the whole groom’s party being an hour late for a wedding I was the celebrant at in Western Sydney, including me, because we couldn’t get a Taxi to pick us up. The whole Taxi system is out-dated and unreliable. The thing I love about Uber is that you know what you’re getting. It’s the way business should run today.

So with a few Uber trips under my belt, and with UberX now launched in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and a promo code from Uber, I had a few ideas on how you could ride with Uber on your wedding day.

  1. Encourage your guests to leave their car at home so they can enjoy the day, and the subsequent night, without worrying about driving home – and an UberX car is probably cheaper than a taxi!
  2. The bridal party can catch ride with Uber to the photo shoot locations, quicker and easier than a taxi!
  3. Guests can easily take all of the small, or long, trips they need between hotels, the ceremony, maybe a cafe or bar between the ceremony and the reception, and then home again. Taxis turn their noses up at small or out-of-the-way fares. With Uber drivers just turns up and go where you tell them.
  4. You could even request a “ride for free” Uber promo code for your wedding at https://ubertech.wufoo.com/forms/request-a-free-uber-event-code/
  5. And if UberBLACK is available in your area, it’s a premium car service, at a great price. I could easily see bridal parties turning up in beautiful UberBLACK cars.
  6. In Uber you can split fares, so if everyone just jumps in the same car it’s easy to split the fare right in the app. No awkward moments.
  7. It’s so safe! Everyone driving, or being picked up by, an Uber car is 100% not anonymous. The driver has had to pass numerous checks, ID and safety. And passengers need to register before they ride. It’s crazy how well set up this is.
  8. And here’s the best one: from within the Uber app you can share your trip and ETA with someone else. So a bride could share her trip with her groom or her celebrant maybe and we all know what’s going down!

Before I even publish this post I know that there’s going to be people in, or near, the taxi industry that have a lot of things to say about Uber. But my experience tells me that I’ve never been safer and better-off financially than when riding with Uber. Every trip I’ve taken across Australia has been safe, reliable and an awesome experience.

And finally, as a freebie to all of my blog readers, your first two Uber rides are on me! Simply download the free Uber app, register and then call an Uber car, then enter the promo code “thanksjosh” and your first ride up to $25 is free!!