The problem with having a problem with the wedding industry

The problem with having a problem with the wedding industry

I feel like every third Facebook post these days is a rant about the wedding industry and how we’re snobby, rude, expensive, illegal, or dodgy. And more often than not the Facebook posts are not wrong, there’s lots of losers out there.

Losers is a pretty tough call, but in my defense they exist. But, for every loser there’s a ten talented dressmakers trying to marry up their talent and craft to a business model that is sustainable and enjoyable, twenty photographers trying to figure out how they can create sweet ass jpegs while paying the rent, and a good handful of super stylish stylists trying to jam the sexiest ceremony styling into your budget.

But this blog post isn’t even about them. It’s about you.

It’s about this: getting your wedding priorities right.

Despite wedding media, mainstream media, mothers, friends and Pinterest telling you so: the dress, flowers, makeup, cars, venue, candles, invitations, cake, DJ, lolly buffet, photographer, none of them matter more than this. A wedding fair happening soon doesn’t even have a ceremony or celebrants section on it’s website. Crazy!

What’s the most important thing in a wedding?

Celebrating a marriage.

How do you do that?

1) Step one is falling in love with an awesome human.

2) Then if you’re in Australia you’ll need to give a celebrant one month’s notice and arrange at least two witnesses.

3) Then you create an event that celebrates your marriage beginning. It’s an event that embodies your characters, personalities, cultures and is just 100% jam packed full of shit you love.

Here’s where all of the other stuff fits in, it’s quite easy, there’s three categories of other things you might get involved at your wedding marriage party thing:

1) Making you feel like a million dollars

This includes the dress, the suit, the makeup, the flowers, and oddly enough, the celebrant. The celebrant/officiant/minister’s job is to encourage you and celebrate you on your wedding day. Your celebrant (hopefully me!) exists purely to lift you up and put a smile on your face. An awesome wedding planner also fits in there. Having someone else do everything for you is guaranteed to make you feel like a million dollars 🙂

2) The party atmosphere

The celebrant creeps into this area as well, though it’s mainly about style, entertainment, food and drink. There are no rights and wrongs, just go step by step on how you create an awesome party atmosphere. Mine includes styling by Pack a Perfect Party at Lightspace, Glenn Mackay MCing, Gee’d Up singing with Zen Catering putting food and drink in our hands. But yours probably looks totally different!

3) Creating memories

We’re talking photographers, videographers, photo booths, and anyone else that can make a record of your awesome party! Assemble the team of memory makers that you appreciate, value and just love. Don’t waste your money or someone else’s time on things you don’t value.

Go forth and party!

I love marriage and weddings, but every once in a while I see a  lack of emotional depth that kills me, so I write ranty blog posts like this … any ideas or comments? Chat to me on social or email me now!

The feature pic for this blog post is from Ben and Leah’s awesome wedding at Sydney’s Vaucluse 12ft Amateur Sailing Club and was taken by the cool Amy and/or Milton from Milton Gan photography.