Your wedding doesn't have to be terrible

Your wedding doesn't have to be terrible

I don’t like to kiss and tell, but I will.

I sat down with a couple this week, a really lovely couple who are awesome and I love (just in case they are reading this hehe), and we were meeting to plan their wedding ceremony.

The groom had been on this little website called Google and found some things that he didn’t like, but wanted to start from, so we were going to edit them and make something of it.

Then I opened my big mouth with an analogy that didn’t totally make sense, but still delivered the message.

[quote]If you’re going to create a chocolate cake, do you start with a piece of poo then try and make it taste like a chocolate cake?  A great cake comes from raw, original, sweet ingredients[/quote]

This is going to be a short blog post, because there’s not much more to say than this: most terrible, awkward and weird things happen at weddings because people feel they need to start with the traditional wedding script and edit it. But you don’y have to, and you shouldn’t.

Awesome weddings are quite specifically awesome not because they had a photobooth or sparklers, but because they wholly and truly and honestly celebrated the couple being married.

Because the groom is a unique person, and the bride is a unique person, and together they form a unique relationship which is growing into a unique marriage which should be celebrated in a unique marriage ceremony which will occur in a unique wedding.

So don’t Google anything, except for maybe this: awesome wedding vendors. Find people that can help you create that awesome wedding, and don’t edit terrible awkward weird traditional things and try to make them yours, instead, just make your wedding and forget about everyone else.

Thanks for listening to my rant :. Josh, out!