Ten stand-out wedding ideas

Ten stand-out wedding ideas

Your wedding day, it’s your day to shine.

There will most probably not be another day that the light shines so brightly on you and you only, so make the most of it and have a stand-out wedding.

Here’s ten ideas that will take you there.

1. Arrive on a horse. A single horse, a horse and carriage, many horses, a stampede even. You’ve got to admit, horses are very cool.

2. Take your vows and pimp them. You could sing them, recite them in a Shakespearian manner, dance them or rap them. You’re saying a few words about the one you love, why not get creative and shout them instead of whisper them.

3. Say everything while saying nothing. Your wedding ceremony location can say so much without saying anything at all. Some venues are chosen because they are picturesque, but that can’t be said of the couple that were married in an Ikea store. If you shut down your favourite coffee shop or bakery for the day and conducted the ceremony there, would that silently add an extra special element to your ceremony? The surrounds you get married in are the background to the story you’re writing, so include them in your planning.

4. Less pew, more you. Most weddings are arranged in the stock-standard church pew style chair arrangement. Move your chairs around, change their orientation or don’t have any at all!

5. Don’t bar the bar. Everyone loves bars. Drink bars, lolly bars, food bars, nibble food bars. Have a bar at your ceremony, before or after, or at the reception. Particularly a lolly bar, they rock. Also, another idea for a drinks bar: design your own cocktail, named after you, and serve it at your wedding only. It’s a memory maker.

6. Pa-pa-paparazzi. Many brides today are moving away from the posed style of photographs and more towards a photo-journalism style of capturing the moment. Go the full hog and hire a paparazzi photographer to add some atmosphere to your entry and ceremony.

7. It’s all about the timing. Sunrise, sunset, in the middle of the reception, late at night, 9am, these are all great times to be married outside of the normal 3pm wedding. Choose a time that delivers a message. Like “Our wedding is at 4am because we hate you lol” or something to that effect.

8. They came for the wedding, but left with the free stuff. Who doesn’t love a gift? Give your guests a wedding favour, or gift, that lasts. A mix-tape CD or perhaps an olive plant. Putting your wedding date on the gift also increases the chance of first anniversary presents, just sayin’.

9. Increase the amount of jive at your wedding. Some weddings have an iPod amount of jive. Some increase it with a live DJ. But if you can swing it, a live band, soul singer, or folk guitar quartet will bring a more than acceptable level of jive.

10. Buy a dictionary. And ask your guests to circle words in the dictionary that remind them of you. They could even write in the margins. You’ll always need a dictionary and this one will be extra special!