Don't just stand there, do something

Don't just stand there, do something

I promise not to take too much of your time in this post. I only write it because at every wedding ceremony I get asked “how do we stand”.

So I wanted to write to tell you the same thing I tell everyone else.

You can stand how you want, but keep these things in mind:

  • You want to feel good, feel special, feel loved and feel intimate
  • You want it all to look good on camera
  • You want it to be as un-awkward as possible

So this is how I approach it at a wedding rehearsal:

Is there a bridal party standing with us (the couple and I)?

If so, are they standing to the side of their respective bride and groom or they all off to one side?

And would you like me (the celebrant) to stand between you both (the couple) or would you rather me off to the side?

With those things in place, think about yourselves. What is a comfortable “I love you” standing-together pose for you? Do you imagine facing each other or facing the guests or the celebrant?

My personal favourite is facing each other.

Are you hand holders? You should hold hands.

Not hand holders? What if you stood close to each other and just did that really comfortable thing you do like there’s no-one else there and you just feel awesome.

Now that we’ve got the people sorted, how does it all look in a photo?

Is the ceremony centred on a tree or another landmark? Does everything look awesome and symmetrical?

And the bridal party – are they in a supportive pose, facing their bride or groom, being there for them. Looking hot and symmetrical?

Are the bridal party members standing in a straight line so they look like soldiers? Do you want them looking like that?

Now we’ve got a ceremony. If the couple feel comfortable, and the celebrant is in a place where he or she can communicate to the couple and the crowd, and if the bridal party are arranged in a supportive and good-looking way and it all looks sweet on film – that is how you stand at a wedding!