Wedding speeches reinvented: all on video

Wedding speeches reinvented: all on video

Why not do something crazy for your wedding reception and not let anyone hold the microphone?

It’s worth telling you right now that not one cent of this idea is mine. I recently recorded a Thing Committee podcast with a friend, Sarah Maree Cameron, you’ve almost certainly heard her on a radio somewhere before and this past week you would’ve seen her and her sister on Channel 9 in the special episode of the Block Sky High: Domestic Blitz

In talking about her and Rav’s impending wedding she said that no-one was getting the microphone at their wedding reception when it came to the speeches.

But instead, days or weeks beforehand anyone and everyone that wanted to make a speech at the reception would trot down to a friend’s video studio, and sit in front of the camera and speak for as long as they want.


Sarah and Rav’s friend will then tightly edit together the video together into a really nice and entertaining short video that says everything that needs to be said, and nothing more.

Wedding reception speeches are done, they weren’t boring, and they didn’t interrupt the bar service for too long, plus everyone enjoyed them.

Wedding speeches have been reinvented. Thank us later.