Special locations for special weddings

Special locations for special weddings

If there’s one single moment in your life that you absolutely must get exactly right, it’s surely your wedding. This occasion should be not only an expression of your monumental love for your partner, but also a bench mark for the amazing times you hope to share as a couple in the future…

In other words, it’s a big ask. There’s a near-endless list of ingredients that make up the perfect wedding, from the musical entertainment to the Priest charged with presiding over the nuptials, but perhaps the most crucial thing of all to get just right is the location. Here are a few particularly special wedding destinations which you should seriously consider if you’re thinking of hitting the road and getting hitched somewhere far-flung and fantastic.

Las Vegas

Everyone knows there’s a negative side to Vegas weddings – the Britney Spears/The Hangover part that invariably sees reckless quickie marriages ending in divorce. For the most part however, Vegas weddings are truly wonderful affairs. Getting married at a quaint little chapel on the Strip is incredibly cute and surely offers the ultimate in kitsch kicks for Americana enthusiasts! Then there are the endless wedding reception/stag/hen party options to consider. Most of the wedding party will be familiar with casino gaming from using sites like Euro Palace Online, but they’ll be blown away by the casinos themselves with all their fantastic entertainment options, great accommodation, fine dining and bright, bright lights. Could Vegas be the ultimate destination wedding city?

The beaches of the Mediterranean

Beach weddings are available in stunning destinations all around the Med, from Italy to Spain and scores of beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea itself. Beach weddings are a fantastic option for unconventional couples who prefer the fresh air and the beauty of nature to the more formal and at times forbidding setting of a church or registrar’s office. Beach locations are also extremely well suited for wedding receptions – just hire a great DJ, light a beautiful camp fire and let the magic of the location do the rest!


Taking the idea of the Mediterranean beach wedding a little further, you could really push the boat out and opt for a wedding in glorious Thailand! This option may seem like an expensive idea, but the reasonable price of hospitality, catering etc. in this beautiful south-east Asian country easily offsets the expense of travel.