Interviewing: The Significant Space

Interviewing: The Significant Space

Breaking news! I found some people that are as crazy about significant spaces as I am. I stumbled across Amy’s website – The Significant Space –  as I was doing some research for Sydney weddings I’m booked for next year, and the second I scrolled through and saw (quite literally) significant spaces I knew I just wanted to have a chat!

So we had a chat!

Josh: I’m all about significant spaces to hold significant life events, so, what do YOU look for in a significant venue?

Amy: A space that is truly exceptional, has its own unique personality and inspires memories to be made. We’re not interested in venues that sell themselves on glitz and glam or dancing waiters, because a wedding day isn’t about them; it’s about the couple. Size isn’t important either, but character, ambiance and professional service definitely are, and the opportunity for amazing photos is essential.

J: I spend a lot of time arriving to venues for the first time softly saying WOW! or .. UGH … I’m sure you do to, so what’s the most recent venue that made you go “wow”?

A: We were recently up in Byron Bay exploring potential wedding spaces in the beautiful Hinterland. We found a gorgeous private property called Graciosa and loved it so much we booked it for our own wedding! Stay tuned for The Significant Space review in 2015.

J: When I think about venues I’m thinking of a frame for a lifelong memory, and it also helps if the grass is cut, walls are cobweb-less and it looks great. When you talk about venues what philosophical stuff is going on in your head?

A: A significant space is where all of the elements of the day combine seamlessly and harmoniously to create an experience that leaves a pleasant aftertaste during the drive home.

So if you’re looking for a pretty cool place to hold a Sydney, or near-Sydney, wedding ceremony then you’ve got to scroll through and if you’re looking for a significant celebrant for your Sydney wedding then shoot me an email!

Check out some of the spaces below that I’m lucky enough to be performing ceremonies at over the next few years and also happen to be featured on the website!