Sewing for Grooms

Sewing for Grooms

This is a simple invitation to the bridegrooms of Brisbane. The men of the south-east that are preparing to wed some awesome person.

Morgan Roberts and I are hosting a Sewing For Grooms night on Friday the 26th of June, 2015, at 7pm until 10:30pm at Needlefruit in Paddington and we’d love you to come.

By the end of the night you will have sewn, made, lovingly crafted using your own blood, sweat, and tears, a bow tie in a fabric of your choosing. You will also win at poker and drink beer and eat food.

The cost is $69 including GST and everything else. We can’t guarantee you’ll win at the poker though. Sorry.

12 grooms in a room, making bow ties and having fun, boom.

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