Rebecca takes out a lease on Todd's heart

Rebecca takes out a lease on Todd's heart

On a stunning Mount Tamborine winter day, Todd and Rebecca’s friends made their way to Cedar Creek Estate for a very special day.

My first thought when I saw Cedar Creek Estate was that someone had invested more tender loving care into this wedding venue than I’d seen any any other. Kylie and her team work hard to create a memorable frame for your wedding day.

The photographers, Brisbane’s Ketto and Semper, were not only some cool lads but also major professionals, check out their artwork below.

And then there was me, their celebrant. I drove back down the mountain knowing that the day was going to always be in my mind as one of the most fun weddings I’ve overseen. Todd’s a real estate pro so a few well placed real estate gags, like “who puts this woman up for auction?”, and a generally amazing atmosphere, made for a memorable, fun, and special day.

Rebecca and Todd wanted to share a few words about the wedding day as well:

“We absolutely loved the atmosphere you made, it was sooooo relaxing.”

“As you may be aware, I was calm until the moment I walked down the aisle, once I was by Todd’s side & you started the ceremony, it felt like it was just us three up there! I forgot we had an audience and I felt great!”

“We both enjoyed your ceremony, it was definitely alot of fun!”

And that’s the way it should be!