Questions to ask yourself for your vows

Questions to ask yourself for your vows

Stuck writing vows? Instead of trying to construct sentences, print out this blog post and answer these questions. From the answers you’ll have, I think you’ll have a pretty good foundation for creating some vows.

  • What are the purpose of YOUR wedding vows?
  • Why are you getting married?
  • When did you know you wanted to marry your partner?
  • Why do you want to marry them?
  • What do you hope will change, or improve, when you are married?
  • How do you want your partner to feel as they receive the vows?
  • What commitment are you actually making?
  • What is something cute your partner does?
  • What was a defining moment in your relationship?
  • What defines your relationship now?
  • What is something they do that drives you wild?
  • What will define your relationship in the future?
  • What do they do that always makes you smile?
  • What do you just love about them?
  • Why do you love them?
  • Why will you always love them?
  • What’s something funny they do?
  • What’s something super cute they say?
  • Is there something special you want to promise?
  • Where do you see you both being in 1 year? 5 years? 50 years?

No you’ve answered those questions, copy and paste the answers into a vow. Start out by making them feel like a million dollars. Compliment them, encourage them, affirm them. Let them know you’re here for them and them only. Now, make a promise, make a vow, peraps even many promises or vows. This is the “why” behind the “let’s get married”. Then wrap it all up with a quick look to the future, create a path forward for the both of you.

Now you’re vowing! Just make sure you keep it legal with the legally required vows in Australia.

The feature image is from Ian and Irene’s elopement in the Blue Mountains with Heart and Colour!