Putting your own wedding ring on your own finger

Putting your own wedding ring on your own finger

Exchanging wedding rings in your ceremony is a tenant of modern weddings. There’s nothing wrong with it and it’s a really beautiful moment. And for a Queensland wedding it’s often made even more beautiful by all of the humidity in the air and sweat on the fingers!

But today when I met with Steph and Drew, Stephanie had read an article on Offbeat Bride about not exchanging rings, but instead, putting your own wedding rings on. What a crazy and novel idea!

The bride, Hell Pollard (coolest name ever), puts it like this:

[quote]So I thought that instead of exchanging rings, we could just put the ring on ourselves. I like the idea that it would symbolize that we entered this relationship as individuals, and that rather than the other person putting a ring on to bind us to those promises, we freely bind ourselves to them.[/quote]

The most important thing here is that what happened in the wedding ceremony was true for them, and this needs to be true for you.

But if you’d rather put your own wedding ring on, instead of letting your partner put it on you, let me know!

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The feature photo on this blog post is by Lucas and Co.!