A podcast for celebrants by celebrants

A podcast for celebrants by celebrants

This blog has a about a 60/40 split readership of couples getting married, and people that create events where people get married. If you’re a couple getting married this will probably bore you to death, so feel free to skip it.

But if you’re a celebrant – or someone in the industry where we create awesome getting married events – then you might want to listen to a new regular podcast with myself and Sarah Aird.

We’re calling it the Celebrant Talk Show because every other wedding-pun related podcast name was either taken or terrible, plus this isn’t a wedding podcast. It’s two celebrants talking celebrants.

You can find all the links to subscribe for free and also listen at celebrant.fm or here are links for Apple Podcasts and Overcast plus I’ll embed it on this post.

If you’re a celebrant and you have a question or topic you’d like us to embrace – get in touch.