"Please don’t invite my kids to your wedding"

"Please don’t invite my kids to your wedding"

Ali Solomon has a great article on Scary Mummy today, begging brides and grooms to not invite her kids to their wedding.

Solomon says “There seems to be a common misconception that I want to spend every waking moment with my children (probably because I spend every waking moment with my children). Don’t tell me why my kids aren’t invited to your wedding; just don’t invite them. It will be magical.”

  • It’s your day
  • I get a rare night out
  • I don’t want them to upstage you
  • My kids don’t want to be there either
  • Nobody really wants to supervise them
  • It’ll keep your guest list in check
  • You will save a ton of money for me
  • Mummy needs a drink
  • My children have no plans to reciprocate the invite

[quote]Nothing kills a buzz faster than having to be responsible for the welfare and safety of small children in a room filled with innumerable safety hazards[/quote]

Read the full article at scarymommy.com.

And while we’re talking about kids at weddings, you ought to know about “The Kids Table” – a service provided by my friends at Miss Poppins Nanny Agency – so the kids can still come, but you and the parents can let go of some of the responsibility for a few hours.

The photo in this blog post is from Damien and Cassie’s elopement with The Pop-Up Wedding Co. and The Left Lane photography with possibly the cutest little person I’ve met at a wedding this year.