Planning for a marriage, not a wedding

Planning for a marriage, not a wedding

A wedding fair I am hoping to go to in the near future asked on its application form who my target demographic is. Before you read on, stop for a second and think about how you would be described in a demographical sense. Also, is demographical a word?

What demographic are you?

Here’s what I wrote: My target demographic is the 24-34 aged couple that are planning for a marriage, not a wedding.

Planning for a marriage

I’m publishing this blog post on the rare case that a few other people might be in the same boat. The boat that set sail for a wedding and the destination was an awesome life together with their favourite human, and the wedding was just the first point of call on an awesome journey called life.

Planning for a wedding

The people planning for a wedding are also setting sail. Although the destination is Wedding Town, population 150 or so, depending on the cousin situation. There’s no doubt that this couple are also going to be in a marriage after the event but they haven’t set a course out after the wedding. Their whole life’s work, stress, and finances have been sunk into a wedding.

[quote]I love being a couple’s celebrant when they’re planning for an awesome marriage, not an awesome wedding[/quote]

How to change course

Some people, the majority started out as little girls, grew up wanting a wedding, but they’ve started experiencing the stress in planning for a wedding instead of a marriage. Don’t worry. Simply recognising it is the first step.

Here’s some more steps that will help:

  1. Don’t have wedding things for wedding sake, but have things, people, etc, because it will help you celebrate the beginning of your marriage!
  2. Don’t let the wedding bankrupt your marriage
  3. A wedding isn’t a cultural event that requires attendance of everyone you can trace on a bloodline, it’s a celebration of something really awesome happening and you’re inviting your besties.

I hate lists with a bunch of don’ts but once you say the word wedding you get lost in a sea of dos. So here’s one more life hack: don’t have a wedding. Have a “marriage starting party”. It doesn’t have the same ring to it but your mum doesn’t have to tell you how to hold a marriage starting party. Smiley face. Love you mum!

But the most important thing to remember here is that if you’re planning for an awesome marriage, there is zero doubt that you will have an awesome wedding!

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