"Be perfectly imperfect" a new wedding reading

"Be perfectly imperfect" a new wedding reading

I was reading through an emailed collection of great blog posts today, and came across Vyoma Nupur‘s article “Be Perfectly Imperfect” and as I started reading I thought, this would be an inspiring little thing to hear at a wedding ceremony.

I’ve made a few slight edits, just for weddings sake, you can read the piece in it’s entirety at medium.com, but have a look and feel free to steal it for your wedding. Picture in this post also courtesy of the original piece.

[quote]This spherical wonder called Earth is slightly lopsided. Its magnetic core is a little wonky, yet it has worked perfectly since millions of years, supporting the incredible complexities of life within its leafy embrace. Just like Earth, be gloriously askew — just a little off balance. Because perfection breeds predictability.

Be the people who can wear a pink sock and a green sock all at the same time in their hurry to go out and greet life. Be the people whom others trust enough to bring their troubles to, with whom they can be assured of a dependable and non-judgemental shoulder to lean on. Be the people who can heed the ‘humblest’ intern and bend down and listen to the smallest child — because it is from the unlikeliest directions that the breeze of revolutionary ideas blows.

Strive a little towards imperfection. Plan to embrace imperfection wholeheartedly, so that you are learning new things upto the last moment of my life, seeking the unpredictable, being the tiniest bit uncomfortable — because there is no worse legacy to leave this world with — than being called ‘a perfect bore.’[/quote]

Or am I just feeling all warm and fuzzy today?