Top 10 wedding tasks you should be outsourcing

Top 10 wedding tasks you should be outsourcing

Today’s guest blogger is Tim Fung, the Co-Founder and CEO of community outsourcing company, Airtasker. Follow Tim on Twitter at @timjfung.

The average engagement is about 16 months, which in addition to being filled with excitement and anticipation for your wedding day, is also filled with literally hundreds of hours of stress – researching, planning, organizing and “admin-ing” to make sure everything works out just right.

Luckily, we live in a day and age in which getting help with basic tasks is simple, affordable and quick.  Here at Airtasker, we’re privileged to get to see how smart couples are outsourcing time-consuming tasks to make sure they’ve got time to plan the important stuff and enjoy the lead up to the big day.

Here are just a few:

  1. Planning research:  The number of wedding vendors you’ll need to deal with is mind blowing and often overwhelming at first.  Have an Airtasker make lists of reputable venues, photographers, bands, florists, caterers and officiants together with an overview of packages, contact details and website addresses.  To start, you’ll need to provide some guidance on what you love, like and hate but by having someone do the initial “desktop research” for you, you’ll save days of mindless browsing.
  2. Setting up your gift register:  Whilst some couples are switching to wishing well requests, many love the tradition of setting up a wedding gift register.  To make sure you give a variety of options and for the convenience of your guests, ask an Airtasker to set up registers with a minimum of 5 retailers with a range of gift options, both online and offline.
  3. Booking guest accommodation:  If you’ve got guests coming from interstate or overseas, it can be a nightmare to coordinate the multitude of arrival dates, budgets and room sizes, not to mention navigating the vast number of available hotel booking sites.  To avoid the mess, hire an Airtasker assistant and provide them with the guest details so this task can just be ticked off your to-do list.
  4. Building a wedding website:  A few years ago, building a wedding website was only for tech savvy couples but nowadays it’s pretty much a requirement to keep your guests aware of dates, travel info, accommodation and updates.  Another task that can take up lots of your precious pre-wedding planning time, outsourcing your website setup will save you time and cost less than you think.
  5. Managing the invitation list:  Before you start down the road of managing your own wedding invitations, keep in mind how much is involved – from creating and sending save-the-date cards six months ahead, requesting samples from the stationer, hiring a calligrapher, addressing and mailing cards as well as handling the RSVP database – all tasks which can be simply outsourced to a nifty Airtasker that can save you stress.
  6. Honeymoon planning:  So on top of planning everything else for the big day, you’ll need to start planning your “relaxing” honeymoon at the same time.  Avoid the stress of booking flights, accommodation and hard-to-get dinner reservations.  A handy Airtasker assistant can assist with confirming any visas or vaccinations you might need as well as making sure your passports are up to date.
  7. Measuring the groomsmen:  These days, bespoke suiting has become much more affordable with online tailoring companies like Indochino and Joe Button offering tailored suits at a reasonable cost – but you’ll need to measure yourself and buy online.  To make sure you get your fit right, hire an Airtasker to measure the grooms party and coordinate with the tailors until you get the look you want.
  8. Arranging transportation:  Making sure that transport to and from your venues will work like clockwork is a time consuming task.  Once you’ve booked your transport, you’ll then need print directions, communicate with the individual drivers of transport vehicles, and set out the timeline to make sure chauffeurs have ample time to get from place to place.  To avoid stressing on the day, hire an Airtasker assistant to make sure everything just works.
  9. Assisting you on the wedding day: Although you’ll probably be surrounded by your closest family and friends who can lend a hand, it’s great when you can let them relax and enjoy the wedding day too.  So that they don’t need to be running around the whole day, hire an Airtasker assistant that you can delegate small tasks to – like carrying your things, being in charge of gifts, handing out tips, or being the point person for each vendor.
  10. Taking behind the scenes photos:  Some of your best memories of the day will be those candid little moments that tend to happen in between photo shoots and official proceedings.  On top of your official photographer, hire an Airtasker photographer to take quick snaps and video so that you can cherish those silly or unplanned moments forever.