One word that makes your wedding vows better

One word that makes your wedding vows better

I see a lot of wedding vows, I hear even more, and over my 7 or so years as a marriage celebrant I think I’ve become a bit of a ‘vow connoisseur’. On this blog I’ve written about wedding vows, and making awesome wedding vows a few times: one, two, three, along with writing a little vow writing email course.

But if you want to shortcut through all of that, and your time is short, here’s the ultimate writing guide:

Replace the word “I” with “you“.

The vows are for the other person getting married. They’re not for you. The vows are for your bride or groom. Saying “I” throughout makes them about you, but dropping “I” and moving to “you” refocuses the vows on the most important person in your life.

Too much “I” can make the vows a naval gazing experience. Even “I do” can get a bit insular. Take your commitment and let it shine toward your favourite human.

That’s how you make amazing wedding vows!

The photo above is from Hannah and Aaron’s Byron Bay elopement I was a part of with The Pop-Up Wedding Co. and Aaron Shum making pictures!