Swap wedding speeches for on the spot quizzes

Swap wedding speeches for on the spot quizzes

Everyone has an opinion on wedding speeches, personally, when they’re encouraging and engaging I love them.

And so many people asked to make a speech spend the whole wedding flipping out over the fear of making one.

Here’s an easy and fun way to replace boring, long, and awkward wedding speeches with something new. It still asks for public speaking from your friends and family, but it’s more spontaneous and fun.

Prepare a number of questions, either on cards, or in fortune cookies, and hand the questions out to random guests to deliver an impromptu 1-3 minute speech based on the question given to them.

Example questions

  • Tell a funny story about the bride or groom
  • How did you meet the bride or groom
  • Share a story about the bride or groom
  • Tell a story about the bride and groom when they were dating
  • What’s something about the bride/groom the groom/ doesn’t know?

And from there build out questions that will work for you and your guests. Maybe get more personal, or prepare certain cards for certain guests.

This awesome and original idea came from Ange and James, and they’re doing it at their wedding in Brisbane!