OMG new awesome wedding magazine alert!

OMG new awesome wedding magazine alert!

This will be a short but exciting blog post. Short, because there’s no use repeating what everyone else is saying. blew the trumpet, and Bustle added GIFs, you can order it online here and there’s a Kickstarter for the next issue!

[quote]Feminism and weddings might not seem like a match made in heaven, with all the focus on female beautification and old-time traditions rooted in gender norms (engagement rings, anyone?). Then there are the modern standards promoted by the wedding industry, from the heteronormative engagement photo trends to the lily-white airbrushed models populating bridal magazines.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Liz Susong, 27, and Carly Romeo, 29, are the latest women making the case for feminist weddings — specifically, a feminist wedding magazine.[/quote]

[quote]If we all took a second to think about the cover of a bridal magazine, our collective imaginations would likely stir up the same image: A slim, Caucasian model dressed in white, smiling happily at the camera. This predictable stereotype is part of what Catalyst, a new feminist wedding magazine, is hoping to challenge. -Bustle[/quote]

Go and check out Catalyst now!