Small ceremony, small reception, massive party

Small ceremony, small reception, massive party

I saw a post on another wedding blog, Offbeat Bride, that gave me a crazy idea. Well the idea was already their’s but the crazy part was “why isn’t everyone doing this?”.

So here’s a proposed timetable for your “small ceremony and reception, massive party, wedding”:

  • 4pm intimate ceremony with your closest family and friends, about 20 people
  • 4:30pm photographs
  • 6pm intimate family and friends dinner, with the same 20ish people. Do some speeches and generally feel the love with the group of people the Greek would have called your oikos.
  • 7:30pm open the doors to a kickass party with all of your family welcome to stay and all of your friends partying the night away.

So think about it: 20(ish) people at your ceremony and they also get a few pics with you and then you all have dinner ($xx per head x 20 … you do the math). Then you have a few hundred people at your party. Or maybe 100. Or whatever you consider a good number of mates to party with.

It’s money in the bank!

Plus your wedding day still is special and awesome, and you still get to party with everyone!

And if you’re looking for some “reception only” wedding invitation inspiration, check out the blog that inspired me here!

Photo credit to Bek Grace, of Corey and Claire’s Mavis’s Kitchen soiree!