A notice of intended same sex marriage

A notice of intended same sex marriage

Tomorrow, in their eyes, and the eyes of their friends and family, I am marrying Amy and Te Ana. At this stage, the Australian marriage laws don’t really match up with their understanding of marriage, so we can’t sign any official marriage paperwork, but we can sign this: a notice of intended marriage for the “Marriage Act of one day soon”.

Before you download it, let it be known that

  1. it is not a legal document
  2. it was not produced by a government department
  3. and it does not serve as notice for a legally binding marriage
  4. when marriage equality is reached, this still doesn’t serve as legally given notice, it’s just a political statement, and an emotional one

[Download PDF here]

A note for my Christian friends

I had a friend I used to go to church with asked me recently why I “keep on supporting same sex marriage”, and the only good reason I have is that I reckon Jesus would have too. This article from Relevant Magazine really resonated with me. I’ve thought about it, read, prayed, and I’ve come to this place on my own, and I can only respect you for holding a position as well.

I struggle to even call myself a Christian at times because I feel like so much of the present-day culture around faith and philosophy has become crazily political, judgemental, and in some places, hateful. The only thing that holds me to that title is that I travel the world, looking around, and can’t help but think that God exists, and the Christian story of God resonates with me, so apparently that means I’m a Christian. If you’ve read this far and think I’m crazy, more power to you, all I can say that is any of us have come to a place knowing everything, then we’re probably wrong 😬

In the end I want to be known as someone that is for love and unity. As a celebrant, as an inhabitant of earth, and as a Christian, I can’t not support same-sex marriage.

Peace out! ✌🏼