I'm not the best husband, but here's how I try to be

I'm not the best husband, but here's how I try to be

I often worry that the world would look to me as some kind of super-husband. It’s not that unfair to, you might expect that the guy that talks about it all week and is always encouraging others to get married, should be some kind of marriage expert. I’m not, I can post you towards some friends of mine like Anabel or Connie, they know what’s what.

And although I’m not the alpha-husband, I do think I’m really good at this one thing, and it’s something I think every single human in a relationship should become good at: celebrating my marriage.

If perfecting marriage was the end-goal we could follow all the rules, play the right games, and hey-presto, we’d do it. Then what? Instead, your marriage is a life-long adventure, a forward-facing adventure where you make one, and only one, simple commitment: to tackle life together with this other human for the rest of your days. That’s something worth celebrating every day. Not once a year on that anniversary.

So a theme I want to start bringing into this blog is not only celebrating the beginning of a marriage, but celebrating the fact of marriage. I’m sure there’s millions of things you could Google on the same subject, so I’ll just cast my thoughts upon this blog and see if it helps you out 🙂

So without delay, here’s a tip that should make sense:

Go on a date-holiday!

Within three hours of drive of where I live, and I’m sure it’s no different from your house, there are so many amazing places to go on a holiday to. Just a week ago Britt and I were treated to two freakingly-amazing nights at the Rainbow Ocean Palms Resort at Rainbow Beach. Just two nights for us to go away and unplug from business, and joy each other’s company, and most importantly: enjoy the journey. I won’t air all of our dirty laundry on the blog, but I can tell you that every time we go away on a break, we always have a little thing that we’ve been bottling up, and it accidentally unbottles itself, and we deal with it and become better a better husband and wife every time.

Life’s not all peaches and roses and lollipops, but sometimes when you get away to Rainbow Beach it is.

So my simple tip today is for you to book a 2-4 night mini-getaway for you and your favourite human to enjoy each other and spend some casual time enjoying and celebrating your marriage. Try and make it in the next 2-3 months. Celebrating your marriage is worth it, and within a few hours drive of your place there are bound to be some spectacular places. I’m so glad we spent some time at Rainbow Ocean Palms, we went for the Netflix and chill, but stayed for the dolphins, mind-blowing sand blow, and the pizza!

I’ll share some Instagram pics below just to tempt you 🙂