Nathan and Lauren's surprise wedding

Nathan and Lauren's surprise wedding

In August I was lucky enough to be invited to a 30th birthday party that was also secretly a wedding!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, on the day you might have seen me post “I performed a surprise wedding today, and my favourite element of the ceremony is how guests had their senses awakened and expectations of a birthday party turned upside-down. Instead, they can wholly embrace the raw celebration and mystery of unconditional love and commitment.”

It’s true, everyone was totally engaged in what was happening because they weren’t expecting it. That’s something I try to bring into a ceremony if possible, a little surprise, something the guests probably weren’t expecting.

Lauren and I were laughing about the photos from the day, mainly because before the wedding we were scared that we’d forget how to tie their knot, not legally speaking, but in their rope-tying part of the wedding ceremony.

I told the story of how sailors would send a loosely drawn knot home to their beloved. If it returned loose then they should maybe find someone else to send a knot to. If it returned a little tighter then the sailor better bring flowers on his next visit to port. However, if it returned tightened then that sailor best put a ring on it.

Lauren and Nathan were such an awesome couple, and they proved it in saying “We would like to thank Josh for making our wedding ceremony all we had envisaged and more.  He was always extremely relaxed and easygoing, which definitely showed through on the day.  If you are looking for a modern and relaxed wedding ceremony, then Josh is your guy!”

Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party!